S.S & 173 (FE 75)s 8s 7s

1.  O! GOD covenant fulfiller

     Thine grace, unto us bestow

     The covenant we made with Thee

     Enable us to redeem.

Chorus:  For the sake of Messiah's death

               Lord Thy Mercies all we plead. 2ce

2.  Holy Father, King of glory

     Thou our honour, praise we give

     Cherubim and the Seraphim

     Thank Thee now and ages past.

Chorus:  For the sake...

3.  Bless the womb of all the barren

     This glorious year Lord we plead

     Strengthen faith of the unfaithful

     Thine salvation we may gain.

Chorus:  For the sake...

4.  Holy Fathe, great Jehovah

     Our offerings Father receive

     Rain on us Thine heav‘nly blessings

     All the old and all the young.

Chorus:  For the sake...

5.  Provrde, Lord unto the needies

     Glorious kids for the barren

     Divine healing give to the sick

     May we never be in want.

Chorus:  For the sake...

6.  Divine strength endue on Seraph

     To worship Thee to the end

     May our deeds here on earth below

     Before Thee, ne'er be in vain.

Chorus:  For the sake...  Amen

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