HYMN 582

Tune: YMHB 793 - 6s 8.4
"The Lord of peace himself give 
you peace always" - 2Thess. 3:16

1.  WITH the sweet word of peace 

     We bid our brethren go 

     Peace, as a river, to increase 

     And ceaseless flow.

2.  With the calm word of pray‘r

     We earnestly commend

     Our brethren to Thy watchful care 

     Eternal Friend.

3.  With the dear word of love 

     We give our brief farewell

     Our love below, and Thine above 

     With them shall dwell.

4.  With the strong word of faith

     We stay oursleves on Thee

     That Thou, O Lord, in life and death 

     Their help shall be.

5.  Then the bright word of hope 

     Shall on our parting gleam

     And tell of joys beyond the scope 

     Of earth-born dream.

6.  Farewell; in hope and love

     In faith, and peace, and prayer 

     Till He whose home is ours above 

     Unite us there.  Amen

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