HYMN 584

H.C 309 P.M (FE 610)
“Take my yoke upon you and ye 
shall find rest unto your souls"
 - Matt. 11:29

1.  JESUS, I rest on Thee

     In Thee myself I hide 

     Laden with guilt and misery 

     Where can I rest beside?

     ‘Tis on Thy meek and lowly breast 

     My weary soul alone can rest.

2.  Thou Holy One of God 

     The Father rests in Thee

     The voice of Thy atoning blood

     Pleads evermore for me.

     The curse is gone: through Thee I’m blest

     God rest in thee, in Thee I rest.

3.  The slave of sin and fear

     Thy truth my bondage broke

     And now my spirit loves to wear

     Thy light and easy yoke

     The love which fills my grateful breast 

     Makes duty joy labour rest.

4.  Soon the bright glorious day 

     The rest of God, shall come

     Sorrow and sin shall pass away 

     And I shall reach my home

     Then of the promised land possess’d 

     My soul shall know eternal rest.  Amen

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