HYMN 586

C.M.S 385, Christian Choir 
25 P.M (FE 612)

1.  TRUSTING in the Lord thy God 

     Onward go! onward go! 

     Holding fast His promised word 

     Onward go!

     Ne’er deny His worthy name 

     Though it bring reproach and shame 

     Spreading still His wondrous fame 


2.  Has He called thee to the plough 

     Onward go! onward go!

     Night is coming serve Him now 

     Onward go!

     Faith and love in service blend 

     On His mighty arm depend 

     Standing fast until the end

     Onward go!

3.  Has He give thee golden grain 

     Onward go! Onward go! 

     Sow, and thou shalt reap again 

     Onward go!

     To thy Master’s gate repair 

     Watching be and wanting there 

     He will hear and answer prayer 

     Onward go!

4.  Has he said the end is near 

     Onward go! onward go 

     Serving Him with holy fear 

     Onward go!

     Christ thy portion, Christ thy stay

     Heav’nly bread upon the way 

     Leading on to glorious day 

     Onward go!

5.  In this little moment then 

     Onward go! Onward go!

     In thy ways acknowledge Him 

     Onward go! 

     Let His mind be found in thee 

     Let His will thy pleasure be 

     Thus in life and liberty 

     Onward go!  Amen

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