S.S. & S.16 (FE 76)

1.  REDEMPTION! oh, wonderful story

Glad message for you and for me

That Jesus has purchased our pardon

And paid all the debt on the tree.

Chorus:  Believe it, O sinner, believe it,

Receive the glad message-tis true

Trust now in the crucified Saviour

Salvation He offers to you.

2.  Give us redemption Oh Lord our God

Deliver us from all our sins

For you are God of redemption

Thou shall not forsake us at all.

Chorus:  Believe it, O sinner...

3.  No longer shall sin have dominion

Though present to temp and annoy

For Christ, in His blessed redemption

The power of sin shall He destroy.

Chorus:  Believe it, O sinner...

4.  From death unto life He hath brought us

     And made us by grace sons of God

     A fountain is opened for sinners

     Oh, wash and be cleans’d in the blood.

Chorus:  Believe it, O sinner...

5.  Accept now God’s offer of mercy

     To Jesus, oh, hasten today

     For He will receive him that cometh

     And never will turn him away.

Chorus:  Believe it, O sinner...  Amin 

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