HYMN 592

H.C 352. 4s 10s (FE 618)
"Go work today in my vineyard"
 - Matt.21:28

1.  COME Labour on who dares stand idle

     on the harvest plain 

     While all around Him wave the golden


     And to each servant do the master say

     Go work today.

2.  Come Labour on

     Claim the high calling Angels cannot shame 

     To young and old the Gospel gladness bear 

     Redeem the time, its hours too swiftly fly 

     The night draws nigh.

3.  Come Labour on The labourer are few

     and the field is wide

     New stations must be filled and blanks 


     From voices distant far, or near at home

     The call is “come.”

4.  Come Labour on

     Away with gloomy doubts and faithless fear 

     No arm so weak but may do service here 

     By feeblest agents can our God fulfil

     His righteous will.

5.  Come Labour on

     No time to rest, till glows the western sky 

     While the long shadows O‘er our path way lie 

     And a glad sound comes with the setting sun 

    Servant well done.

6.  Come Labour on The toil is pleasant, 

     the reward is due

     Blessed are those who to the end endure 

     How full their joy, how deep their rest  

     shall be O Lord with Thee.  Amen

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