HYMN 600

110 8s 7s (FE 626)
Tune: 8s 7s Ma toju mi Jehofa nla

1.  ALL ye the holy saints of God 

     Darkness overwhelmed the earth

     Spread the good tidings of Jesus 

     All over the universe.

Chorus: Oh! good tidings, oh! good tidings 

              Of the Saviour, Jesus Christ.

2.  Shy not to spread His good tidings 

     It’s the Mightiness of God

     The city, first Christ is proclaimed

     To all captives deliverance.

Chorus: Oh! deliverance, oh! deliverance 

              Like unto the Zionists.

3.  World and satan may conspire 

     ‘Gainst the work of our Saviour 

     Courageously work on for Him 

     Do not be frightened of men.

Chorus: They’ll try in vain, they’ll try in vain 

              His work can ne‘er be destroyed.

4.  When perilous season shall come 

     Thou, Christ Jesus will protect 

     Amidst all foes and the strangers 

     Jesus ever thine friend be.

Chorus: Oh! his guidance, Oh! His guidance 

              Be thine till eternity.  Amen

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