HYMN 602

C.M.S 403 S. 20 8s 9s. (FE 628)
“Jesus of Nazareth passesth by"
 - Luke 18:37

1.  WHAT means this eager anxious throng

     Which moves with busy haste along

     These wondrous gatherings day by day

     What means this strange commotion,


     In accents hushed the throng reply

     Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.

2.  Who is this Jesus? Why should He

     The city move so mightily

     A passing stranger, has he skill

    Why move the multitude at will?

    Again the stirring tones reply

    Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.

3.  Jesus! ‘tis He who once below

     Man’s pathway trod ‘mid pain and woe

     And burdened ones, where‘er he came

     Brought out their sick, and deaf, and lame

     The blind rejoiced to hear the cry

     Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.

4.  Again He comes! from place to place

     His holy footprints we can trace
     He pauseth at our threshold-nay

     He enter-condescends to stay

     Shall we not gladly raise the cry?

     Jesus of nazaret passeth by.

5.  Ho! all ye have laden, come

     Here’s pardon, comfort, rest, and


     Ye wanderers from a Father’s face

     Return, accept His proffered grace

     Ye tempted ones, there’s refuge nigh

     Jesus of Nazareth passeth by.

6.  But if you still His call refuse

     And all His wondrous love abuse

     Soon will He sadly from you turn

     Your bitter prayer for pardon spurn

    ‘Too late! too late! ‘will be the cry

    Jesus of Nazareth has passed by.  Amen

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