HYMN 605

D7s 6s
Tune: Stand up, stand up for Jesus

1.  I always go to Jesus

     When troubled or distressed

     I always found a refuge

     Upon His loving breast

     I tell Him all my trials

     l tell Him all my grief

     And while my lips are speaking

     He gives my hear relief.

2.  When full of dread forebodings

     And flowing o'er my tears

     He calms away my sorrow

     And hushes all my fears

     He comprehends my weakness

     The peril I am in

     And He supplies the armour

    I need to conquer sin.

3.  I always go to Jesus

     No matter when or where

     I seek His gracious presence

     I'm sure to find Him there

     In times of joy or sorrow

     What'er my need may be

     I always go to Jesus

     And Jesus comes to me.  Amen

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