HYMN 606

11s (FE 632)
Tune: 11s Jesu nigba danwo

1.  SWALLOW up hence thine woe 

     It’s universal

     Let it be forgotten

     Further endure on

     Patiently ponder on/it during the dusk 

     To Jesus petition/thou shall find relief.

2.  To Jesus petition, thine desire He knows 

     To Jesus petition, He shall, thee to aid 

     Go to savour the joy gave He unto thee

     He, thine burden lighten/but in prayer be firm.

3.  Those who so are wretched

     More over than thee

     Their woeful heart to bow

     Thine, them to comfort

     Swallow up hence thine woe/others, offer joy 

     Shine unto them, thine light/to Jesus

     report.  Amen

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