HYMN 607

C.M.S 409 S. 71. 6. 4. 6. s.(FE 633)
"Today if ye will hear his voice harden 
not your heart" - Ps. 95:7, 8

1.  TODAY the Saviour calls 

     Ye wand’rers, come 

     Oh, ye benighted souls 

     Why longer roam?

2.  Today, the Saviour calls 

     Oh, listen now!

     Within these sacred walls 

     To Jesus bow.

3.  Today the saviour calls 

     For refuge fly

     The storm of justice falls 

     And death is nigh.

4.  The Spirit calls today 

     Yield to His power 

     Oh, grieve Him not away! 

     Tis mercy’s hour.  Amen

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