7s 6s (FE 78)

1.  FATHER which an in heaven

Halloweth be Thine name

Thine will be done here on earth

As be it in heaven

Give us Lord our daily bread

Forgive us all our debts

Lead us not to temptation

Keep us from all evil.

2.  Thou hearkened to Elijah

A bank river Cedron

Thou who hearkened to Daniel

Oh God today hear us

Give us the Holy Spirit

As Note! Thou gave the Apostles

Glorious vessels we may be

Reward as they of Old.

3.  The faithful heart we plead Thee

That ever waiver not

For us to ever trust Thee

Till we shall meet with Thee

Re‐assuring hope we plead

In Thee and not in any

Beaming love to our brethren

Humbly and peacefully.

4.  Further we plead our father

For all Thine annointed

Thine Holy Spirit endow

Upon their humble heart

Give us the grace that we may

Walk in the way Thou lead us

To Cannan destination

Before Thine throne Oh God.

5.  Thou who hearkened to Shadrach

Meshach, Abednego

Hearken to Band of Seraph

When unto Thee we call

Endow us with Thine Spirit

Like unto early prophets

That we may be brave as them

To us victory on earth.

6.  In the wilderness journey

Of kindred of Israel

Thou compasseth them all through

And Thou protected them

Though they transgresseth on Thee

Thou forgiveth them always

Thine forgiveness Lord we plead

We band of Seraphim.

7.  O! Lord God of Abraham

O! Lord God of Isaac

And the Lord God of Jacob

We offer thanks to Thee

Glory, Honour and praises

To Holy Trinity

Halleluyah to our God

For ever shall endure.  Amen

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