HYMN 614

H.C 218 t..C 96. D.7s 7s (FE 640)
"Repent ye for the kingdom of 
heaven it at hand" - Matt.3:2

1.  SOUNDING voice from wilderness, 

     The watchman's cry resound; 

     Hear how He shouts there aloud 

     Repentance, repentance,

     The voice is sounding warning 

     Sincere and warning strict

     Why are you not moved brethren 

     Show sign of repentance.

2.  For the kingdom of Heaven

     Is now at hand for you;

     Those whose garments are washed clean 

     Shall only be enthroned;

     Why don’t you heed the warning?

     The watchmem’s cry resound

     It sounds repeatedly, hear,

     Repent and then be saved.

3.  Abana and Farpar streams 

     Might be crystal waters: be

     But the power of redemption 

     Was to River Jordan,

     Cast delaying thoughts away 

     And heed God’s warning now: 

     Come to Lake of Salvation 

     Wash and be fully clean.

4.  What would now keep you away? 

     There should be no excuse be 

     Behold the river, Jordan

     All’s ready for you now

     It’s long you have been doubting, 

     Cease to doubt God’s Spirit

     Sinners hear the watchman’s cry 

     Now repent and be saved.  Amen

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