HYMN 618

C.M.S 446, t.H.C. 149. C.M (FE 644)
Tune: CM Emi ba le fiwa pele

1.  GREAT art this Jehovah’s command 

     Shall aye ever endure

     Wretched sinners art thou and l 

     Re-Birth is all we need.

2.  Darkness shall over our path be 

     Shall we in sin persist

     Thine Kingdom we may not all see 

     Lest we be born again.

3.  Up teenth time our baptism be 

     All in vain it shall be

     Nay not a perfect atonement 

     ‘Lest we be bom again.

4.  Behold our insane acts and deeds 

     Thine help not in it found

     Ain’t no our quilty heart renew 

     ‘Lest we be born again.

5.  Escape and flee from sin away

     Shatter off satan’s bond

     Be faithful and in Christ believe 

     Thou shall thence be re-born.  Amen

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