HYMN 619

C.M.S 448 t.H.C 34 C.M (FE 645) 
“And the blood of Jesus his cleanseth
us from all sins" - 1John 1:7

1.  HEREIN doth perfect rest abide 

     By His side where blood flows 

     This alone is my only hope 

     That Jesus died for me.

2.  Jesus, my Saviour and my Lord

     The fountain for my sins

     Sprinkle me with Thy precious blood 

     That I may be made pure.

3.  Wash me, Lord, and make me thine own 

     Wash me, and be Thou mine

     Wash me, and not my feet alone

     My hands and my hearts my being.

4.  Work Thou in my heart, Jesus Lord 

     Till faith to end shall fade

     And until hope comes to an end 

     And my heart comes to rest.  Amen

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