HYMN 621

H.C 457 t. H.C 14. L.M (FE 647)
Tune:LM L'oju ale gba t’o orun wo

1.  FATHER, our fortress, Rock and strength 

     Whose promises faileth never

     into Thy congregating fold

     Wholly, him accept Thine to be.

2.  At the name of the Triune God

     He, immerseth in baptism

     Worthy be him amongst Thy saints 

     Our request, grant oh Lord we plead.

3.  Thine rugged cross on him an marked 

     Symbolic of Thine sufferings here 

     Christ, may Thine promises at dawn 

     My testimonies ever be.

4.  Oh Lord we plead, to us now grant 

     May we never from Thee depart 

     Ever Thine honest host to be

     Thine sacred steward ever be.  Amen

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