SM(FE 80)

1.  FATHER hark unto me

     My knees bent down to Thee

     Thou who doth heal and who forgives

     Please harken to our pray’rs.

2.  O God Almighty, Lord

     Jehovah and my King

     Thou who abides in brightest light

     Thy holy name revered.

3.  Who an the earthly King,

     Jesus Emmanuel

     Wonderful Lord of Jesse's root

     Send forth Thy help to me.

4.  Holy, Holy, Most High

     The King and Saviour Lord

     Great Omnipotent high above

     Thy covenant fulfil.

5.  In the morn hark to me

     At noon, my pray’rs attend

     At dusk ere the sun yet is set

     Hark Lord unto my pray‘rs.

6.  Glory to Father, God

     Glory be to the Son

     Glory be to the Holy Ghost

     Eternal Trinity.  Amen

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