HYMN 633

H.C. 520 C.M (FE 659)
"I am thine, save me" - Ps.119:94

1.  THINE, Thine forever Blessed Bond 

     That knit us, Lord toThee

     My voice and bean, and soul respond 

     Amen, so let it be.

2.  When this word strikes its dullest harp 

     And earth our heaven appears

     Be "Thine for ever clear and sharp 

     God‘s trumpet in our ears.

3.  When sin in pleasure's oft disguise 

     Would work us deadliest Harm 

     May Thine for ever from the skies 

     Steal down and break the Charm.

4.  When Satan flings his fiery darts 

     Against our weary shield

     May Thine for ever in our hearts 

     Forbid us faint or yield.

5.  Thine all along the flower spring 

     Along the summer prime

     Till autumn fades in welcoming 

     The silver frost of time.

6.  Thine, Thine for ever, body soul 

     Henceforth devote to Thee, 

     While everlasting ages roll; 

     Amen, so let it be.  Amen

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