HYMN 638

C.M.S 502, H.C 516 C.M (FE 664)
Tune: CM Emi ba n‘egberun ahon

1.  O! God receive my soul today 

     And let it all Thine be 

     Let me nay, not wander from Thee 

     Let me with Thee abide.

2.  Lo! Behold I bow unto Thee 

     At the foot of the cross

     My sins, crucify to the cross 

     Christ be my all and all.

3.  Heavenly grace, grant unto me 

     And make me, ever Thine

     Thine gracious countenance, I see 

     All my worship to Thee.

4.  May my thought and my words 

     and deeds 

     Thine alone all shall be

     May I worship The as I live

     In death shall be my rest.

5.  Glory all to the Father be 

     Glory be to the Son

     Glory be to Holy Spirit

     Now and forever more.  Amen

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