HYMN 641

t. H.C 2nd Ed.502. C.M (FE 667)
"Grace be with you" - 2Tim. 4:22

1.  ABIDE among us with Thy grace 

Lord Jesus, evermore

Nor let us ever sin give place 

Nor grieve Him we appeal.

2.  Abide among us with Thy word 

Redeemer whom we love

Thy help and mercy here afford 

And life with Thee above.

3.  Abide among us with Thy ray

O Light that lighten'st all

And let Thy truth preserve our way 

Nor suffer usto fall.

4.  Abide among us still to bless

O bounteous Lord of peace

With grace and pow'r our spirits fill

Our faith and love increase.

5.  Abide among us as our shield

     O Captain of Thy host

     That to the world we may not yield 

      Nor e'er forsake our post.

6.  Abide among us faithful love,

     Our God and Saviour be

     Thy help in need, O let us prove 

     And keep us true toThee.  Amen

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