HYMN 646

Tune: LM Ji okan mi ba orun ji

1.  COME oh sinners to feast of love 

     May we partake and dine, with Christ 

     Get thee ahead and not behind 

     Clarion call, God sound unto all.

2.  I, to thee all, was sent to call

     Unto thee all is blast the trump 

     Come, ye of earth and sinners come 

     In Christ Jesus, all things art done.

3.  Come wretched soul, troubled by sin 

     Seeking about for rest divine

     Lame and the blind and wretched ones 

     Welcome is all, Christ bid to thee.

4.  Come, partake of the feast of love 

     Flee away from sin, rest on Christ 

     Taste of the goodness of thine God 

     Feed on His flesh and drink His blood.

5.  Wanderers in spirit, thee I call

     Oh my voice all thou need to hark 

     Thy deliverance is laid in me

     Thou shall live for the sake of Christ.

6.  Hark unto me, like unto God 

     Come unto Christ and ever live 

     Thy heart saturate with His love 

     Let not the death of Christ be vain.

7.  Oh! come on now and tarry not

     Now an the day of acceptance

     Enter in, nay reject His call 

     Yield thee to Him who died for thee.  Amen

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