HYMN 648

H.C 441 10s (FE 674)
Tune: “Alafia li aye ese yi”
"This is my body which is given for you, 
this do in remembrance of me" - Luke 22:19

1.  DRAW nigh and take the Body of the Lord 

     And drink the holy Blood for you out-poured.

2.  Saved by His Body, hallowed by His Blood 

     With souls refreshed we render thanks

     to God.

3.  Salvation Giver, Christ the only Son

     By His dear Cross and Blood the vict’ry won.

4.  Offer‘d was He for greatest and for least 

     Himself the Victim and Himself the Priest.

5.  Victim were offered by the law of old 

     Which in a type celestial mysteries told.

6.  He, Ransomer from death, and Light 

     from shade

     Now gives His Holy grace His saints to aid.

7.  Approach ye then with faithful hearts sincere 

     And take the pledges of Salvation here.

8.  He, that in this world rules His saints, 

     and shields

     To all believers life eternal yields.

9.  With Heav’nly Bread makes them that 

     hunger whole

     Gives Living Waters to the thirsty soul.

10.  O Judge of all, our only Saviour Thou, 

       In this Thy feast of love be with us now.  Amen

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