8S7S (FE 83)
“For with thee is the fountain of life"

1.  COME With thy sins to the fountain

     Come with thy burden of grief;
     Bury them deep in this waters;

     There thou wilt find a relief.

Chorus:  Haste thou away! Why wilt thou stay?

               Risk not thy soul on a moments delay

               Jesus is waiting to save thee (4ce)

               Mercy is pleading today.

2.  Come as thou art to the fountain

     Jesus is waiting for thee;

     What tho’ thy sin be like! crimson?

     White as the snow they shall be!

Chorus:  Haste thou away!...

3.  These are the words of the Saviour,

     They who repent and believe

     They who are willing to trust Him

     Life at His hands shall receive.

Chorus:  Haste thou away!...

4.  Come and be healed at the fountain

     List to the peace speaking voice

     Over a sinner returning,

     Now let the Angels rejoice!

Chorus:  Haste thou away!...  Amen

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