HYMN 651

C.M.S 436 H.C 2nd Ed 382,
t.H.C 225 C.M (FE 677)
“I will not drink henceforth of this fruit 
of the vine until that day when I drink 
it new with you in my father‘s 
Kingdom" - Matt. 26:29

1.  THE hour is come, the feast is nigh

     I give Myself to thee 

     Behold I give my blood to thee 

     For thy redemption shed.

2.  Fill my Father's kingdom above 

     Before I drink again

     By then, no more shall tears be shed 

     It shall be joy for aye.

3.  This supper shall e’er continue 

     Until His Kingdom come

     All o’er the world shall many souls 

     This supper eat and drink.

4.  God's blessings shall from heav‘n 

     be pour'd 

     Upon all them who eat

     And from my Father's throne on high

     I’ll prepare them a place.

5.  But now, for the present I’ll drink 

     The bitter cup for you

     And for your sakes, the cup I'll drink 

     Of sore anguish of death.

6.  My sorrow deep Ye cannot know 

    Nor yet, my glory seen

    But this, continue ye to do 

    And thus, remember me.  Amen 

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