HYMN 652

H.C 448 S.M (FE 678)

1.  SWEET feast of love divine

     Tis grace that makes us free

     To feed upon this bread and wine 

     In mem‘ry, Lord of Thee.

2.  Here every welcome guest 

     Waits, Lord, from Thee to learn

     The secrets of Thy Father’s breast 

     And all Thy grace discern.

3.  Here conscience ends its strife 

     And faith delights to prove

     The sweetness of the bread of life 

     The fullness of Thy love.

4.  The blood that flow‘d for sin

     In symbol here we see

     And feel the blessed pledge within 

     That we are loved of Thee.

5.  Oh, if this glimpse of love

     Is so divinely sweet

     What will it be, O Lord, above 

     Thy gladdening smile to meet.

6.  To see Thee face to face

     Thy perfect likeness wear

     And all Thy ways of wondrous grace 

     Through endless years declare.  Amen

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