HYMN 654

K. 117 t.H.C 320 C.M (FE 680) 
Tune: CM Emi ba ne gberun ahon

1.  At the wedding feast ages gone 

     Cana of Galilee

     There, miracle hath Jesus wrought 

     Water, to wine He turned.

2.  Jesus Thine presence please reveal 

     At this wedding we plead

     Offer Thine divine blessing Lord 

     Unto these hence today.

3.  Grant them true love and affection 

     The world can not destroy

     And make them offer unto Thee 

     Their hearts to worship Thee.

4.  May they be help mate to each one 

     In unity to live

     May Thine glory in them reveal

     In their habitat, Lord.

5.  We plead Thee, watch over them Lord 

     God, Protector divine

     Almighty, Omnipotent God

     Protect them, Lord we plead.

6.  Glory be to Father and Son 

     And to the Holy Ghost

     Glory be to the trinity

     ln heaven and on earth.  Amen

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