HYMN 655

t.H.C 247 7s 6s (FE 681)
Tune: 7s 6s “Duro, duro fun Jesu"

1.  O! Father, God Almighty 

     Thine mercies all we plead 

     Bestow upon this brother 

     Upon this spinster too.

2.  This new couple, unite Lord 

     Thine fear in their hearts lnstill 

     That they may love share Within 

     Ever as life endure.

3.  Thy response flash unto us

     May we, Thee ack-no-ledge

     That Thou an sanctioned this day 

     And Thy blessings we gain.

4.  Descend today, Lord we plead

     Jehovah Jireh, our God

     Thy blessings Lord all we plead 

     Upon us all endow.

5.  May joy of sweetest savour 

     On them oh Lord descend

     Favour them now and ever 

     Nay them asunder be.

6.  Our Benevolent Father 

     Thine divine gift Lord endow

     Against foes grant them victory 

     Their God, Lord ever be.  Amen

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