HYMN 658

C.M.S 504 t.H.C 564 C.M (FE 584)
“Jesus was called and His disciples 
to the marriage" - John 2:2

1.  CHRIST Jesus truly attended

     A Holy marriage feast 

     Our Lord we humbly beseech Thee 

     To bless us here this day.

2.  Thy Holy blessing from above 

     Send on this match this day 

     Unite them in Thy Holy Love 

      A love that never fade.

3.  Thy bunting love fill their hearts Lord

     With peace and joy with Thee

     Their daily bread for ever given

     And make them ever Thine.

4.  Protect them ever from above 

     With love forever more

     To love each other more and more 

     As Christ doth love His Church.

5.  Make them to help one another

     In all their daily call

     And bless them with glorious children 

     And peace forever more.  Amen

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