HYMN 659

“Rest in the Lord and wait 
patiently for Him" - Ps.37:7

1.  REST in the Lord from harps above 

     The music seems to Thrill

     Rest in His everlasting love,

     Rest and be still.

2.  Rest Thou who claimest for Thine own 

     Thy chosen bride to-day

     Affianceth in His faith alone

     Thy bride for aye.

3.  And Thou whose, trustful hand is given 

     A vouching here Thy spouse

     Rest, for a Father's seal, in heaven 

     His children’s vows.

4.  Rest ye who cluster round them both 

     To mingle praise and pray

     Your God affirms the plighted truth, 

     Your God and theirs.

5.  Rest for the heavenly Bridegroom here 

     Is standing by his side,

     And in this union draws more near 

     His mystic bride.

6.  Rest in The Lord The Holy dove 

     In us Thy word fulfil

     Rest in His everlasting love

     Rest and be still.  Amen

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