O.t. H.C 152 C.M (FE 84)

1.  SALVATION though, Salvation though

     The sinner doth desire

     From all the evil of our heart

     We’re condemned and perish.

2.  The sinful acts we perpetrate

     Speaks audibly always

     No salvation is found there of

     Salvation nay of work.

3.  We sacrifice and still appease
     We sing and still we danced

     But no salvation there is found

     In all but all in vain.

4.  Where else can salvation be found

     Reveal Reveal to us

     Above the sky beneath the sea

     Reveal though if you know.

5.  Christ Jesus is Saviour divine

     Christ Jesus is our Lord

     Upon His hand salvation lie

     For unto us sinners.

6.  Draw nigh to Him with your requests

     Whole love is found in Him

     Foulest sinners like thou He calls

     Salvation come receive.  Amen

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