HYMN 664

Tune C.M. (FE 690)

1.  BLESSED be the kid and the child 

     Todling at infancy,

     Way of perdition nay to tread 

     God, worshipeth with awe.

2.  Our mortal frame to God we yield 

     From infancy, so sweet

     Exortic flowery gift it be

     When budding at the bloom.

3.  At infancy, God, serve with awe 

    How sweet and this at ease

    As sinners groweth forth to age 

    Hardeneth forth in heart.

4.  Arise to the worship of God 

     O! Now at infancy

     How greatly askid we rejoice 

     Thus greatly grow in strength.

5.  Almighty, Omniscient God 

     Our frames we yield to Thee 

     May we as kids ever be Thine 

     Now till eternity.

6.  May works of prayers and of praise 

     My vocation to be 

     When death come calling, I’ll be firm 

     Heaven with joy to see.  Amen

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