HYMN 665

Tune: LM (FE 691)

1.  ANGELIC hosts in heav’n above 

     Praiseth and worshipeth our God 

     The burden of Thy rod of wrath 

     Troubleth satan, hades below.

2.  All ye mis-creants and ye wanderers 

    Cursers and ye falsehood swearers

    Remember ye the Lord’s command 

    Reverence ye the name of our God.

3.  How shalt they firmly stand oh Lord 

     Before Thy greatest might and power 

     Men of contempt before our God 

     Shall to destruction burn in hell.

4.  No water shall to them be found 

     Thirsty though, their thirst nay to quech 

     Forever I shall praise Thy name

     As Thee I will in heaven praise.

5.  Woe of great magnitude it be 

     Evil utterances me to hark

     Uttereth of the vaga‐bonds 

     Unto the greatest Father, God.

6.  Companying with them all, I’ll sever 

     Contemptuous without awe to God 

     Swearing in vain to sacred name 

     In falsehood curseth and doth swear.  Amen

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