HYMN 666

Tune: C.M. (FE 692)

1.  ALL ye who curses and falsely swears 

     Ye fighters and brawlers

     The day of reckoning shall come 

     The seed sown, thou shall reap.

2.  All the evil hymns all they rend

     I abhore and decline

     Vain and void words so they speaketh 

     Nay, not from me proceed.

3.  Ye kid thoughtless and short sighted 

     Ye wanderers. vagabonds,

     Never my companions shall be 

     But children wise and brave.

4.  Thou corruptible, shameless kid 

     Others thou art defirm

     Rabid and sickly dying beast 

     Healthy fold to infect.

5.  Corrupt companions, nay I keep 

     Oh Lord my God I plead

     Never may I with them partake 

     Of destruction in hell.  Amen

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