HYMN 667

C.M.S 476, 623, t.C 506 L.M (FE 693)

1.  BEHOLD, who are these little ones 

     Who’ve finished soon their pilgrimage 

     And have arrived in glory land

     The place they have been longing for?

2.  “I am from Green land's snowy hills” 

      I am from the land of India

      Am from the land of Africa

      And I am from those far off isles.

3.  Our pilgrimage are over now 

     Weeping and suffering are all past 

     We all meet together at last

     At the bright pearly gates of heav'n.

4.  We hope to hear the Lord say, come 

     Ye victor over sin and death 

     Lift up your heads, then, O ye gates 

     And let the children pilgrims in."  Amen

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