HYMN 668

Tune C.M. (FE 694)

1.  HOW great the tumult, fight and brawl 

     Screaming pervade the earth 

     Harmonious co-habitation

     Oft within kits and kins.

2.  All flying birds within their nests 

     In harmony abides

     O! what a great splendor it be

     All to abide at peace.

3.  Bragging and threatening all in vain 

     Value‐less and vain pride

     The club and staff of pain to bear 

     And death the end shall be.

4.  Grief is the fruit of temptations 

     Amidst the kits and kins

     In grief borne of hot jealously 

     Cain, his brother doth slain.

5.  The grief of the ‘Wise’ for a while 

     Never till the sun set

     But of the foolish it shall be 

     Until the dusk at dawn.

6.  Forgive us our misdeeds oh Lord 

     And our short coming, Lord 

     Grieve borne from infancy relieve 

     May we age forth in love.  Amin

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