HYMN 669

Tune t.H.36. L.M. (FE 695)

1.  HOW sweet be it from infancy 

     The path of wisdom all to tread

     May of honesty, truth we be 

     May we be trusted all of men.

2.  Liars, nay not we all to trust

     E‘en though repenteth, truth to speak 

     When fallible man, evil wrath

     Lying, a pair and chains it be.

3.  How abominable art lies 

     Revealeth in the word of God 

     Un-timely, Ananiah’s death 

     Death payeth he; the cost of lies.

4.  Saphirah; spouse and confidant 

     Witnesseth for Ananiah

     Slumpeth and fallen down to death 

     Lying couples the price they paid.

5.  The ‘honest’ is the Lords delight 

     The ‘honest‘ the Lord shall repay 

     The liars shall all be condemned 

     And be consum‘d and rot in hell.

6.  All the falsehood uttereth forth 

     Recordeth of God in the ’Book'

     In bridle my loose tongue shall be 

     Nay shall I be destroyed in hell.  Amen

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