(FE 85)
"King of Forgiveness, forgive us The
forgiving King, Forgive us"

1.  JESUS the King of glory forgive us

     Wash the ills of sins away

     You who washed and cleanse the lepers

     of old

     Please don't hesitate to wash us from

     our ailments.

Chorus:  Enter, enter unto Jesus

               Enter in, enter you would wear the crown

               We know for sure we would get to Canaan

               A place that our Father had prepared for us.

2.  God of Abraham and the God of Isaac

     Oh God of Jacob please protect us

     Please make our paths straight and

     right in thy presence

     And remember us all for good.

Chorus:  Enter, enter unto Jesus...

3.  You who were with Shadrach and with

     Meschach, Abednego in the ashless fire

     Please deliver us from the traps of satan

     So we could sing with the angels on high.

Chorus:  Enter, enter unto Jesus...

4.  Glory be to the Father Son and the Spirit

     Who spared our lives till today

     Please send to us thy own helping hand

     Victory for us from today.

Chorus:  Enter, enter unto Jesus...  Amen

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