HYMN 672

Tune: C.M. (FE 698)

1.  ALL for Thy praise Almighty God 

     Created Thou our tongues

     E’en though we be despised of men 

     Our pray’rs for them shall be.

2.  Despising and defirmation 

     Welcome not in our midst 

     Regarding others as insane 

     To perdition it leads.

3.  Whatever per-sona‐lity 

     Treac’rous words speaketh forth 

     To holy saints, sacred objects 

     Shall be destroyed of God.

4.  When thence the kids and infidels 

     Elisha doth despise

     Vociferously choruseth

     To the mount go hence from.

5.  By the beast consumed were the kids 

     By the bears doth devoured

     For their shortcomings were repay 

     Unto death all they groan.

6.  How aweful is Thy wrath oh Lord 

     Unto the infidels

     Grant unto usThy grace we plead 

     And our tongues bridle, Lord.  Amin

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