HYMN 679

Tune: LM L.M (FE 704)

1.  ERE Mother Eve falleth to sin 

     None hath the idea of the knit 

     Her nudeness never to expose 

     Abomination! and a snare!

2.  When raiment of fig leaves she wore 

     The sacred adorning fadeth

     Lo! as we thy Kindred on earth

     The raiment of shame we adorn.

3.  Lo! we mortal, how great our pride 

     When the raiment anew adorn

     As though not adorneth of ants

     As though not adorneth of sheep.

4.  Lo! the beautiful butterfly

     And the flow'ry plants and the shrubs

     My raiments how much and in worths 

     Worthless than butterfly and shrubs.

5.  With all of me, my heart I'll seek 

     Worthy adomments in value 

     Acceptable manners and truth 

     Greatest and worthy adomments.

6.  Then shall I of great value be 

     Than the butterfly, ants and shrubs 

     Adornment of Angelic pearls

     And of the sacred Son of God.

7.  Never failing and fadeth not 

     Neither of the moth be consumed 

     In rain, in shine it’s all the same 

     It’s beauty, value, ne'er corrupt.

8.  This I shall adorn here below

     That I may adorn there above 

     Pearly adornment made of God 

     His glory and His joy it be.  Amen

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