HYMN 681

10s (FE 706)
Tune: Wa ba mi gbe, ale fere le tan

1.  Oh! what a name so pleasant as of Mum 

     Hark the ear, offering gentle soul a rest

     Oh what a sweet savour not meet for 


     In such a name so great as of the Mum.

2.  Oh! mother who for the child suffereth shame 
     Oh! mother who for the child doth weepeth 

     Great mother thou who for the child

     doth starve

     Thou shall I ever love, O! precious mum.

3.  Almighty God, Thine help an my desire 

     For parents, Oh Lord make me to afford 

     Abundant joy, I cherish, Lord I plead 

     May I ne’er premature-ly hence depart.

4.  No affectionate counsellor like Christ 

     Wonderful Father, my needs doth provide 

     Incarnate Son of the creator God

     Thine protection and grace, Oh Lord I plead.  Amen

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