HYMN 682

C.M.S 486 P.M (FE 707)
"The day goeth away, the shadow of
the evening are stretched out" - Jer. 6:4

1.  TOADY is past

     Our Lord Jesus

     Behold me now 

     Thy little child.

2.  Thou art the Light
     Look upon me

     Let Thy light shine 

     upon me Lord.

3.  My dear Saviour

     I’ll never fear

     Becasue Thou art 

     now by my side.

4.  And everytime

     I watch Thy face

     When there is none 

     to be with me.

5.  And everytime

     Inclined Thine ears

     Unto the pray'rs of little ones.

6.  And now therefore

     Without terror
     I slept and I rest upon Thee.

7.  Thou, Father, Son

     And Holy Ghost

     Worthy of praise in earth 

     and heav’n.  Amen

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