HYMN 683

(FE 708) C.M.S. 397 t. H.C 34 C.M
“Train up a child in the way he should 
go" - Prov. 22:6

1.  GOD of all wisdom and goodness 

     Give us Thy light and truth

     The straight and narrow way to show 

     And our footsteps to guide.

2.  When In danger our guide to be 

     And on the rocky steep

    Our ship to pilot safely through 

    Until we reach the shore.

3.  And as we grow more in Thy grace 

     To teach them as Thy word

     Help us all our children to teach 

     Thy precepts to obey.

4.  In time, destroy their vain desire 

     The lust and pride of life

     Help to teach them the holy way 

     To their Saviour and Lord.

5.  We want to look up and follow

     Thy good example, Lord

     Channel their hope and tear to Thee 

     Their thoughts our plea renew.

6.  We want to woo them faith to have 

     And their zeal show for Thee 

     Grant that we teach not peevishly 

     Rather, teach them with love.

7.  In faith we ask for this from Thee 

     E‘en wisdom from above

     Grant them a childish fear in Thee 

     And with a perfect love.

8.  Help guide their bent from evil lusts 

     From all dangers away

     That we may gently their hearts bend 

     And draw them close to Thee.  Amen

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