HYMN 685

C.M.S 482 t. H.C. 36.8s (FE 710) 
"Serve the LORD with fear" - Ps. 2:11

1.  YE little ones keep close to God

     In trembling and humility

     Let all knees bow down before Him 

     Our Lord and Saviour and our friend.

2.  O Saviour, let Thy great mercy 

     Fill us with gratitude to Thee

     And in our earthly pilgrimage

     May we receive more of Thy grace.

3.  O Saviour, may all evil thought 

     Be far away flung from our hearts 

     And each day, Thy wisdom bestow 

     To choose to walk the narrow way.

4.  In times of sickness and good health

     In times of plenty or in need

     And when the hour of death shall come 

     Deliver us with Thy great pow'r.  Amen

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