HYMN 688

Tune: C.M. (FE 713)

1.  BEHOLD all worthy in-stan-ces

     In the Bible so true

     To them who love to serve the Lord 

     From birth and unto death.

2.  Christ Jesus, Lord in high above 

     The earth His glory fill

     He was like I am an infant

     Law of God keepeth He.

3.  At tender age, all but at twelve 

     Jews leadeth He aright

     Behold Him so gentle and meek 

     Harkneth He to the mum.

4.  E’en though despiseth of the Jews 

     Alas! though He was mocked

     To Him the kids glory they give 

     Loud hosannah they rend.

5.  Like manner Samuel, Timothy 

     All from the in-fan-cy

     ln zeal they worshippeth the Lord 

     Thus, I ought, God to serve.

6.  Must I forsake the Lord, my God? 

     His service to ignore?

     My pledge is all but God to serve 

     In goodwill and in love.  Amen

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