HYMN 691

C.M.S 576 H.C 378 6s 4s (FE 716) 
“Blessed are they that dwell in thy 
house: they will be still praising thee."
 - Ps. 84:4

1.  CHRIST is our cornerstone, 

     On Him alone we build

     With His true saints alone

     The courts of heaven are filled;

     On His great love our hopes we place 

     Of present grace and joy above.

2.  O then with hymns of praise 

     These hallowed courts shall ring

     Our voices we will raise

     The three in One to sing,

     And thus proclaim in joyful song, 

     Both loud and long, that glorious name.

3.  Here gracious God, do Thou 

     For evermore draw nigh

     Accept each faithful vow,

     And mark each suppliant sigh;

     In copious shower on all who pray 

     Each holy day Thy blessings pour.

4.  Here may we gain from heaven 

     The grace which we implore 

     And may that grace, once given, 

     Be with us evermore,

     Until that day when all the blest

     To endless rest are called away.  Amen

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