HYMN 693

C.M.S 575 K. 454 t.H.C
"That Thine eyes may be open toward
this house night and day." - 1King 8:29

1.  WE lay down this foundation, Lord 

     In Thy name, Our Lord Jesus Christ 

     We beseech Thee our Saviour, dear 

     Keep this holy place in Thy care.

2.  And when Thy face Thy people seek 

     And sinners seek Thee in this house 

     Hear, Almighty from heav’n above 

     O Lord our God, in Thy great name.

3.  When Thy ministers preach the Word 

     The gospel of Jesus Thy Son 

     Almighty God, in Thy great name 

     Wrought our wonderful miracles.

4.  And when the little children sing 

    Their hymns of praise unto their king 

    Let angels join them in His praise

    And earth and heav‘n their chorus rend.

5.  Jehovah will Thou with us dwell 

     In this our wicked, sinful world 

     Christ Jesus will Thou be our King 

     Will I here rest find Holy Ghost.

6.  May Thy glory never depart

     From this house, beautifully laid 

     Make Thy kingdom within our hearts 

     And establish thy throne within.  Amen

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