HYMN 697

H.C 513 (FE 722)
"Whatever pareyer or whatever supplication
shall be made of any man. Then hear Thou
from heaven and forgive" - 2Chro.6:29-30

1.  lN Thy great name, God Almighty

     We build this house of praise for Thee 

     Choose it for Thy special abode

     And keep if from all terror safe.

2.  When Thy people shall seek Thee here 

     And sinners seek and plead for life 

     Hear us from Thy dwelling on high 

     And when Thou shall, hear, do forgive.

3.  When Thy servant shall preach the word 

     The gospel of Jesus Christ here

     By the power in Thy great name

     May sign and wonders be perform'd.

4.  When infant voices sing their song 

     Hossanah to their king on high

     May earth and heav‘n join the refrain 

     And all angels sing Hossanah.

5.  May Thy glory never depart

     Yet, keep Thy presence in this house 

     Thy kingdom come to every heart 

     Until Thou be entrhoned on earth.

6.  Jah Jehovah our Holy King

     Unto our weary hearts descend 

     Within our home with us abide 

     Never from us depart our plea.  Amen

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