8.7 (FE 88)

1.  SINNERS draw ye nigh to Jesus

For free Salvation to Thee

In his lowly voice is calling

Thee home to stray never more.

Chorus:  O what account shall we render

When our Father clarion call sound

That my son its time to come home

Give account of stewardship.

2.  Sinners draw ye nigh to Jesus

Today thy Salvation day

Haste on never never delay

Salvation is now for thee.

Chorus:  O what account...

3.  Cherubirn fasten your girdles

Seraphim never delay

Many souls are now perishng

Come Oh! come to Jesus fold.

Chorus:  O what account...

4.  Jesus Christ the Head of our band

Oh! how dear and dear Thy love

For Cherubim, Seraphim Band

That Salvation we may gain.

Chorus:  O what account...

5.  Witches raging wizards chasing

Come to Jesus for refuge

How serious your troubles may be

Come ye to the Cherubim.

Chorus:  O what account...

6.  Repent now Oh all ye sinners

Now before the time is past

Hey! the Trinity is calling

Come now give thy stewardship.

Chorus:  O what account...

7.  That on judgement day we may hear,

Well done oh my faithful son,

Cherubim and ye Seraphim,

Proudly share thy Father‘s joy.

Chorus:  O what account...

8.  Songs of Halle, Halle, Halleluyah

     Shall we sing before Thy Throne

     Thine glory, honour and power be

     Ever till eternity.

Chorus:  O what account...  Amen

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