HYMN 703

1.  Are you trusting Jesus all along the way 

     Does he grow more precious to your 

     heart each day

     Are you His disciple? Test His word and see 

     He will give the Spirit more abundantly.

Chorus: More abundantly, More abundantly 

              That they might have life

              And more abundantly.

2.  For His matehless favour magnify the name 

     Of our gracious Saviour who from glory came 

     Let the saints adore Him for this wondrous word

     Sealing our redemption 

     Through the crimson blood.

3.  Come to Him believing, harken to His call 

     All from His receiving yield to Him your all 

     Jesus will accept you when to Him you flee 

     He will grant His blessing more abunndantly.  Amen

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