HYMN 705

Tune SM (FE 732)

1.  BRETHREN with us rejoice

     Let as sacred hymns rend 

     For Band of Cherubim revealed 

     For us a witness borne.

2.  Ye Band of Seraphim

     Our Father, Spiritual

     O! what a great joy this shall be 

     Cherubim now is here.

3.  Let us in one accord

     Father above to praise 

     Despising and mocking to cease 

     Our heart filleth with joy.

4.  Ye Band of Prayerists

     We hail and welcome thee 

     Ye council of Seraphim fold 

    Thine heart of joy we hail.

5.  Ye Band of Choristers

     Refine ye all thine voice

     Blow ye the trump, let organ sound 

     A joyful noise to rend.

6.  Cherubim, Seraphim

     Hath spread all o’er the world 

     This art the command of the Lord 

     None can with it compare.

7.  Songs of Halleluyah

     In heaven shall we rend 

     Halle! Halle!, halleluyah! 

     Amen, Amen, Amen.  Amen

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